GBA Laboratory Group Acquires Laboratorium für Klinische Forschung GmbH (LKF) in Kiel

The GBA Laboratory Group, one of the leading German analytical laboratories and service providers in the fields of food, environmental, and pharmaceutical analysis, has expanded its range of services in the pharmaceutical field by acquiring Laboratorium für Klinische Forschung GmbH (LKF GmbH) in Kiel. The final completion of the transaction is still pending the approval of the antitrust agency.

Since LKF GmbH was founded, it has been involved in more than 1,800 international clinical studies as the central laboratory in phases I-IV. The company has a wide range of activities, including reporting consultation, training seminars, documentation, kit preparation, laboratory analysis, logistics, storage, data transfer, and archiving samples and documents. With over 100 employees and strong global business partners, LKF is an internationally recognized central laboratory that meets the high quality standards and logistical demands of the international pharmaceutical and biotech industry.

After the merger, the GBA Laboratory Group will be able to offer a special combination of services in the field of clinical trial material supply and central laboratory activities that is unique in the European Union. Moreover, the GBA Laboratory Group’s international network, for example in regions such as China, will be expanded even further.

Dr. Elisabeth Lackner, Managing Director of the GBA Pharma Division has stated: “With the unparalleled combination of expertise in the fields of manufacturing clinical supplies and central laboratory services, we now can finally satisfy a customer demand that has been repeatedly expressed. We are looking forward to the cooperation and will further strengthen the location in Kiel.”

Bärbel Wilke, Managing Director of LKF GmbH says: “The expanded range of services that we can offer together, along with a shared market presence, opens up the potential for LKF to develop sustainably while entering new fields of business and markets.”

The GBA Gesellschaft für Bioanalytik mbH and the GBA Pharma Division, together under the name GBA Laboratory Group, are among the leading analytical laboratories and service providers in Europe, with their highly specialized divisions for food, environmental, and pharmaceutical analysis. The GBA Pharma Division possesses extensive experience in dealing with small molecules as well as larger molecules, biological and cell-based therapies, and supports projects in the field of drug discovery, from pre-clinical studies to clinical studies, with our production and logistics of clinical testing goods and central laboratory services, as well as providing analyses in the later phases of pharmaceutical development, including QP batch release.

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